Saturday, 2 October 2010

Random thoughts…

My professional life is almost all there on Google.



Whatever I do, the media scrutinizes. Lol. But I enjoy every bit of the attention. My clients have been my life from a very long time now. As far as my personal life goes, I hardly have any. And the little that is left of it is consumed by girlfriends ;-)

There are hardly any secrets I have. The only secrets I probably keep are those I have to... to protect the images of my clients or sometimes to protect my own. Lol.

As far as my work goes, I am a believer in glory. I want to leave a legacy in PR. I want to create trends in entertainment public relations. If I have already created some, I strive to make new ones all the time. Many call my passion for PR crazy. But I am like this only :):) Always been like this :):)

Let me tell you a dialogue from one of my favourite movies 'Troy'.

When the great Greek warrior Achilles is undecided about going for the war in ‘Troy’, this is what his mother tells him: “If you stay in Larissa, you will find peace. You will find a wonderful woman, and you will have sons and daughters, who will have children. And they'll all love you and remember your name. But when your children are dead, and their children after them, your name will be forgotten... If you go to Troy, glory will be yours. They will write stories about your victories for thousands of years! And the world will remember your name. But if you go to Troy, you will never come back... for your glory walks hand-in-hand with your doom. And I shall never see you again.”

Next morning Achilles leaves for Troy.

And just like Achilles left a legacy in battle, I want to leave my legacy in Bollywood public relations.

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