Thursday, 25 August 2016

Why some Indians need to SHUT THE F*** UP

Wake up India. I would like to bring your attention to a subject which deals with the respect and pride of our nation.

I feel that all those sympathizing with road protesters in Kashmir are dim-witted. Before talking against the Police use of pellets, they should watch the aggressive, vicious, violent attacks by the stone-pelters on the Police.

Do these protesters deserve public, political and media support and sympathy for damaging property, instigating hate, spreading divisiveness and discontent, and propagating another partition by asking for Azadi (Independence)?

We have all even seen videos of these Kashmiri protesters catching Police officials and mercilessly beating them up. Haven't we?

Inspite of that the Police use tear gas and chilli grenades to ward of protesters and use pellet guns only as a 'last resort' when their own well-being is endangered.

Some people and even the media who still sympathize with the jaanwar-like (animal-like) behavior of the protesters need to SHUT THE F*** UP. By not letting the Police exercise firm control over such unruly mobs, you are doing a disservice to your own country.

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About the Author:
Dale Bhagwagar is a PR specialist with branding, image consultancy, strategizing, media manipulation, crisis management and mentorship for media students. He has handled the publicity for more than 150 Bollywood actors and 30 movies, apart from being a spokesperson and publicist to 20 Bigg Boss contestants.